The 9 Most Gorgeous Goddesses in Greek Mythology

The ancient Greeks are particular when it comes to the standards of beauty. Everything comes in a significant proportion, and somehow the golden ratio also determines the value of beauty. 

And when it comes to their culture, they consider beauty (κάλλος, kallos) to be set as high standards, especially when they compare it to the gods and goddesses. 

And because of that reason, we need to know the standards of beauty when it comes to the gorgeous goddesses of Greek mythology.

Multiple deities possess the beauty, wit, and luscious features that are just to die for. Here are some of the gorgeous goddesses that we have encountered in greek myths: 


The goddess Andromeda is the beautiful daughter of the vain queen Cassiopeia. Her mother couldn’t stand the fact that she is more beautiful than she is, so Andromeda is made to be the sacrifice in exchange for her mother’s vanity. 

She was chained to the rocks without any clothes to cover her body. She was thrown into an island, desperate to get out of the chains. Perseus later comes on and goes to her rescue, and she marries him, setting her free from the distressful situation her parents put her in. 

When Andromeda died, she became a body of stars, naming a constellation after her. 


The goddess of the soul. Eros and Psyche were an item, but let’s single out Psyche for a moment to know why she is one of the gorgeous goddesses. 

Psyche was a mortal before she became a goddess. The princess lives with her father, a king, and the two sisters, who couldn’t compare their beauty to hers. 

Many young men travel the world to glance at the stunning lady, which only infuriated the goddesses. 

Aphrodite sent Eros to Psyche, determined to make the beautiful mortal suffer. Psyche relented to the trials that goddess Aphrodite made her do, and after all her labors, Zeus made her become a goddess, and she, later on, married Eros. 


The goddess Hebe is the daughter of the god of the skies, Zeus, and his consort, Hera. Hebe is not included in the Olympian gods, but the goddess married the hero-turned-god Heracles. 

The goddess of youth represents her everlasting life, and she usually goes beside her mother, serving the gods with nectar and ambrosia as the royal cupbearer. 

Hera asks her to prepare the royal chariot while she manages to get everything ready for the god of war, Ares’s bath, after a victorious battle.

The youth goddess lost her position to Ganymede after clumsily tripping on her dress, exposing her breasts after her dress hangs loose. 

Later on, the goddess had two children with Heracles named Alexiares and Anicetus. 


The goddess of hunt and Apollo’s twin sister comes on the list. Her beauty is portrayed in her independent and grown image. 

Having been born by the goddess Leto and the god of thunder, Zeus, Artemis has beautiful blonde hair like her brother, Apollo, and fair skin. 

Besides that, she vowed to remain a virgin forever, keeping her chastity to protect her servants and her own from the evils. 

Artemis stood tall with her lean hips and slightly smaller breasts with a slim frame and feminine features.


The goddess of the underworld captured Hades’s eye. 

Persephone is the daughter of Demeter, who has an alluring beauty that ultimately urged Hades to take her with him while she is out to pick her own flower. 

Hades is so lovesick for the goddess that he made a garden especially for her, and not much later on, she also fell in love with him. 

Knowing that her mother Demeter is upset by her sudden disappearance, Hades made Persephone eat six pomegranate seeds to keep her in the underworld with him, and she can still visit her mother during the spring. 

Like the other gorgeous goddesses, Persephone has fair skin and blonde hair, which only explains why Hades fell in love with her and does not want to let her go.


Knowing Athena, the goddess of intelligence, you already know that she has the essential traits to be considered a gorgeous goddess, right? 

She is one of the most beautiful daughters of Zeus who remained a virgin as a pledge to her duty as a goddess, like Artemis. And not only that, Zeus indulges her so much because of her beauty and incredibly witty nature. 

With her tall frame and incredibly blue-green eyes, she can mesmerize anyone who stares at her. The goddess doesn’t have distinctive hair color, pitch-black hair, or a golden one. All we know is that she caters a helmet to her head frequently, ready to launch in the battle. 


The queen of the gods and the consort of Zeus is one of the gorgeous goddesses, too. 

Quickly partaken by her beauty, the god Zeus has chosen her out of her sisters to become his wife. She is pictured as a loving mother to her children, and she is the goddess of marriage.

Even though Hera is depicted as a beautiful and loving wife, her husband continues his number of extramarital affairs, which displeases her. 


The goddess of love and beauty is the most beautiful Greek god. Every aspect of her characteristic oozes desire and beauty combined. 

She also took part in getting the golden apple of Eris, which is only given to the fairest goddess of all. Moreover, she earned it not only because of her beauty but also because of her power of love. She forced upon the lives of the two mortals – Helen and Paris. 

Aphrodite has many lovers to choose from despite her being married to the god of blacksmiths, Hephaestus. One of her most commonly known affairs was with the god of war, Ares, and eventually, their affair had to be ended due to the abrupt embarrassment that her husband did in front of the gods. 


While Aphrodite may have no contest to be one of the gorgeous goddesses, Gaia, the mother of all titans, is deemed the most beautiful. 

To have her children, she gave birth to her later husband, Uranus, who became the god of the sky. 

Her brown hair flows beautifully like the terrains of the earth and sports a beautiful green dress with plants, flowers, and vines incorporated in her dress. 

Gaia also appeared in many stories. She portrays a mother who has been deprived of the opportunity to be with her children. 

Her husband is a cruel being who sent her children down to Tartarus, and together with her son Kronos, they want to overthrow the throne of Uranus. Kronos then betrayed her as he kept his siblings still locked up in the pit. 

Not so much later, when the gods emerged and took the throne from her son, she waged war to let out the Titans and let them be free, but Gaia was unlucky. 

Final Thoughts 

Because of these reasons, you can see how the Greeks value beauty. Even though the goddesses are mighty, you can still see that beauty and brains combined brings an exciting take on their journey. 

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