9 Most Famous Archers in Greek Mythology

In Ancient Greece, the most profound ways of battle and livelihood started with the use of weapons such as swords and arrows. There was not a sign of usage of guns before, but the adamant usage of bow and arrows are even portrayed in mythology. 

For example, there are numerous scenes where Gods are using arrows. Who are these gods who are great with archery? What made them famous archers in mythology? 

If you are dying to know who can flawlessly shoot arrows, today, you are in for a treat. 

Archery used to go under the scrutiny under the microscope because it cannot go through the armors of soldiers, unlike swords or spears. However, the said sport, later on, became easier on the public and it became the more convenient weapon to use in wars. 

In light of this situation, here are some famous archers in mythology:

The Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis 


Artemis knows her bow and arrow too well. The goddess is the eldest daughter of Leto and Zeus, followed by her twin brother Apollo. 

Because her mother was being harassed by the jealous consort of the King of the gods, Hera, Leto had to wander around to look for a safe place to give birth to her babies. Later on in life, Artemis asked her father for a bow and arrow, the mountains to serve as her home and playground, and the ability to stay a virgin forever. 

Artemis knew archery because of the many trials she faced alongside her brother, who also wants to defend their poor mother. Together the two gods slew the titan who tried to rape Leto and then killed the children of Niobe with both bows and arrows. 

The fierce goddess of the hunt continued her journey alongside her only lover, Orion, who did not even have the opportunity to advance on her. The goddess killed Orion because she wants to remain a virgin forever, and her brother Apollo does not want to let Orion take her away from him. 

The God of the sun, Apollo 


The second famous archer in mythology is the twin brother of Artemis. Apollo also developed his skill with archery along with his sister, and they slew a titan who tried to harass their mother. Usually, the god is pictured to see him with an arrow and a bow wherever he goes. 

The bow and arrows helped him kill the monster that Hera sent to harass Leto named Python, and with his victory, the god built his oracle shrine in Delphi. 

That’s not the only time he used the arrow. He also uses the arrows to shoot plagues in the time of the Trojan war. 



He is the son of the beautiful goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Eros is carrying his bow and arrow, readying to shoot the arrow to anyone he thinks needs love.

He uses a gold-tipped arrow which was given by Hephaestus, as a gift. Anyone who has been struck by this arrow is driven to a very enamored sensation, hopelessly in love with the other person who they think they are in love with. While the lead arrow can make the person repulsed to love and strong emotions. 

The god has been known to have his link with his wife, Psyche, who became the goddess of the soul, but other than that, Eros has lived the archery life along with the great gods. 

Even though the gods are powerful enough, they are not safe from Eros’s capability to make them feel such strong emotions of wanting someone. One of his famous victims was Apollo, who was lovestruck with the nymph named Daphne. 

Apollo was determined to have the nymph because he was struck with the gold-tipped arrow, but Daphne was repulsed by the idea of loving the sun god because Eros struck her with a lead-tipped one. 

After all the god’s attempts, Daphne turned herself into becoming a tree while Apollo cherished her even though she became a plant. 


hercules or heracles

Even though we know that Heracles has strength with his bare hands, the hero is also known for his greatness in the skill of archery. 

Apollo gave him a set of bows and arrows to help him achieve his battle against the twelve labors set upon him. He slew the hydra, then dipped the arrow in its blood to produce a poisonous arrow, which he also used to slay his wife, Megara, and her children. 



Orion is a mortal turned constellation being who is also associated with the goddess Artemis. Even though the goddess remained a virgin, Orion became her companion in continuous hunting. 

He is skilled in bow and arrow and even club —whatever weapon you wish him to use, he can. 

But sadly, the hunter had to die. There are many accounts of his specific death, but one of the tales that correlates with Artemis is that Apollo was jealous of him and his sister’s newfound relationship and Apollo challenged his sister in a game of archery. 

Artemis unknowingly killed Orion, and the hunter was painted in the night sky as a reminder for the goddess of the hunt. 



Atalanta is one of Artemis’s servants who is also one of the famous archers in mythology. The woman was protected by a bear until she was found by a set of hunters, and they raised her to become one of them. 

She pledged her life to the goddess of the hunt, and she also became good with her archery; she managed to wound a boar that many men tried to kill. 



The prince was associated with his judgment, where he is supposed to choose between the three goddesses, Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera. 

His skill with bow and arrow has something to do with the death of the mighty hero Achilles. Paris sent an arrow to Achilles’s heel with the help of Apollo to avenge the death of his brother, Hector. 



In connection to the Trojan War, Teucer is also one of the skilled archers who fought on the side of the Greeks. Along with his stepbrother, they worked together with him, shooting the arrows and Ajax shielding them both. 

Teucer earned his title as one of the greatest archers, along with Philoctetes and Odysseus. 



Philoctetes is also one of the heroes who fought in the Trojan war; only he was favored by Heracles. 

Heracles gave him a bow and arrow that helped him become a great archer. There are some accounts that the gift he received was the aim of Odysseus, and he was also bitten by a venomous snake sent by Hera as a consequence of helping Heracles.

Final Thoughts 

Archery employs great arm and eye coordination, along with the flexibility to spot enemies from afar immediately. 

Because of this reason, the famous archers in mythology hold the victory in whatever battle they face, shooting a few arrows straight in the fatal area of their enemy without too much concern of whether it goes straight to the cause of their death or not. 

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