Who Are the Daughters of Poseidon?

The god of the oceans and seas fathered a lot of children with numerous lovers and his wife. Like Zeus, Poseidon does not want to have a shortage in his strong lineage from his end. And with this, he made contact with different lovers and made abundant children. 

In this article, we will have a close look at the daughter of Poseidon names. Could we still keep track of his daughters? 

You can read more to find out about their names and their significant roles in Greek mythology. 

The Several Divine Daughters of Poseidon Names

Poseidon has not run out of ladies he loved, most famous, most famous, or took by force. Most of his lovers bore sons, but here are some daughters of Poseidon names that are divine or entirely goddesses. 

Athena (Athene)


First up, we have the goddess of warcraft, Athene or Athena. In some accounts, Athena is not the daughter of Zeus, who came out of his head when Hephaestus broke his skull because of a severe headache. In this account, Poseidon and Tritonis had Athena. 

But she is adamantly depicted as Zeus’s daughter and his favorite. Poseidon and Athena have a very bitter relationship that is undoubtedly entertaining to follow. The mighty sea god has been defeated by the goddess several times, and their feud has not endured through time. 

Despoina (Despoina)


Despoina is the second daughter of Demeter, the goddess of harvest and growth. Demeter had Despoina with Poseidon, despite her refusal to mate with him. 

The birth of Despoina has something to do with Poseidon’s relentless attempts of wooing his sister, Demeter. Demeter has shown her great disinterest, but Poseidon still wants to have her despite her significant vulnerability.  

Because Demeter is still grieving for the loss of her daughter Persephone who was abducted by her brother Hades and they had gone underworld, her mood went south. 

The goddess refused to do anything to do with growth, and all the plants have died. She is determined to make it that way until she finds her beloved daughter. 

She also used this as an excuse to get away from Poseidon’s creepy stalking. But because Poseidon has gone through such great lengths, Demeter had to think of something to get him off her tracks. 

Demeter disguised herself as a mare in an attempt to hide from Poseidon’s gaze. Yet Poseidon was well aware of her aura, and he still took her by force. 

Despoina was born along with her twin brother Arion who is a beautiful black horse. Being born in Arcadia, Despoina also gained her name as the goddess of Arcadian cult and mysteries. 

Her cult is one of the cults with special members because she does not allow anyone to know her name unless they were initiated. 

The Nymph Daughters of Poseidon Names 

Poseidon also fathered some nymphs, and here are some of his daughter’s names. 



Aethusa is the nymph or princess of the land called Boeotia. She is the result of Poseidon’s conquest with Atlas’s daughter, Alcyone, and she enthralled Apollo. 

The god of music was in love with her, and they had a son named Eleuthera, and he had a magnificent singing voice. 



One of the most popular daughters of Poseidon names is perhaps Benthesikyme. Benthesikyme is the eligible daughter of Poseidon and his queen Amphitrite. She is the sister of Triton and Rhode. 

The sea-nymph has become the goddess of the sea waves, and she was married to Enos. 



Despite many claims that Rhode is the daughter of Poseidon and Aphrodite, Poseidon bore Herophile through Aphrodite. 

Their affair was short-lived, which happened after the goddess of love was caught in bed with her lover, Ares. 

Poseidon’s Herophile is the prior Herophile because a goddess named Herophile emerged from Zeus and Lamia’s affair. 



One of the sea-nymphs or giantesses that Poseidon sired is Kymopoleia. She is known as the goddess of the violent storm waves because of her husband, Briareos. 

The goddess appears in Hesiod’s Theogony.  



Ourea was a nymph borne by Apollon and Poseidon. But in some accounts, Ourea was the daughter of Gaia, who does not have a father yet. 



Rhode’s existence served as the goddess representative of Rhode Island. Though many accounts tell that she is the daughter of Aphrodite, some also state that she is the sister of Benthesikyme, which only means that Amphitrite also gave birth to her. Nonetheless, the nymph’s birth father was Poseidon, and she was the consort of the titan god of the sun, Helios. 

Rhode Island was the only place where the gods did not take it, and Helios asked for Zeus’s consent for him to take it. As soon as Zeus approved, she met Rhode there, and together, they had seven children. 



Pitane and Poseidon named their mortal daughter Evadne. Aepytus of Arcadia took Evadne, and she became a princess. Growing up, she fell in love with Apollo, but then she discovered that she was pregnant. 

Aepytus was not delighted by the news, and so he consulted the Oracle. Evadne gave birth in the wilderness, but because she was afraid about what will happen next, she left her child in the patch of violets and named him Iamus. Iamus was then retrieved by Evadne shortly after Aepytus knew that he was the son of Apollo and he is destined to become one of the great prophets according to the oracle. 



Poseidon and Melantheia had a daughter named Eirene. Her name translates to the word peace, and she is located on the island of Crete. 

In the other accounts, Eirene is the Greek goddess of peace, and she is the daughter of Zeus and the Titaness Themis. She is one of the three daughters, and they are known to be the Horae who keeps the peace and stability in humanity. 

Her two sisters are Eunomia and Dike. Eunomia works with the order, while Dike works to keep Justice. 



Poseidon and Gaia created a sea monster who is named Charybdis. Some tales told that Gaia had Pontus as the father of Charybdis. Nonetheless, Charybdis’s role in Greek mythology stays the same. 

She is one of the two famous monsters of the sea in Greek mythology. She is often partnered with Scylla, and together, they make the heroes fair in water with grave danger. 

She was once a beautiful goddess in the other myths, but Zeus transformed her into a monster. She throws a whirlpool that causes any of the ships to sink. 

As the two monsters work hand in hand, many heroes suffer in their hands. Mainly they were Jason and the Argonauts, followed by Heracles and even Odysseus. 

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that the gods display their power in mythology by showing that they have the authority to bend over the rules. Poseidon committed wrongful acts such as adultery and rape. Even though most of them are unwilling, they still produced several daughters and sons with different women in which he has shown his significant interests. 

Though there are just a few of the daughters of Poseidon names in this list, you will see that he has an extensive list of songs from gods and mortals coming from his affairs and unwanted pursuits. 

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